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Let other people help with weightloss motivation

I recently had an experience where I felt tremendous amounts of inspiration and motivation. My mind instantly started to work with multiple great ideas of what I could do to do giant leaps forward to accomplish my goals. I was passionately inspired to do my work.

What happened was that people had given me lots and lots of positive criticism for the work I had done. I felt great and my heart was warm, I could have run a Marathon on that positive energy.

When I later found out that everything was a big misunderstanding on my part, the air went out of me and I felt how the inspiration and motivation left in an instant. I was very disappointed.

How can I turn this into something positive I thought? How can I make this happen again for real?

I head felt very strongly that getting positive input from people really boosts me. I guess it’s the same with you. If we hear that we are nice, smart, good looking, sweet, charismatic and that the things we do are excellent, inspiring and savvy we get inspired to be better and do even more extraordinary things!

If you are struggling to lose weight you should try to get inspiration from other people. To hear someone say “You are doing great“, “You impress me” or “Wow, I can really see that you are loosing weight” can be a boost in self confidence and a spark of motivation that can take you to the next step in your weight loss transformation.

Lots of people blog about their weight loss journey, and that’s a good thing. It’s a chance for them to get positive input from people in the same situation. Random people can give comments and give words of encouragement, that inspires the blog owner to blog even more and to push a little more with exercise and diets in order to work towards their goals.

If you don’t have a blog, you could join a forum on the net for weight loss. There you can meet people that struggles with the same problems as you. You can learn stuff, teach others about your experiences and motivate each other.

Being around the right people is also important. If you hang with like-minded you will surely hear words of encouragement which will empower you. A process of weight loss needs a lot of fuel in form of positive input. You have to get motivated every day in order to be successful.

Start giving people compliments and words of encouragement and you will surely get it back. Be the positive and inspiring friend/partner you wanna have yourself. Give unselfishly and do you best to make people happy and you will receive the same love. If people around you don’t say things spontaneously, ask them what they think about you and your efforts. Maybe they think you are a fighter with a strong mind, a great model with a desirable attitude but they don’t say it out loud for some reason.

If you want to hear positive things and get motivated by others – motivate and encourage others!

Exercise motivation – don’t wait for it

Still waiting for motivation to come falling on you like a bomb from the sky? If you’re not motivated to exercise right now, you sure aren’t gonna be that just waiting for it.

“Do the thing and you will have the power”, Ralph Waldo Emerson said in the old days but it’s still valid today. What he meant is that you should get off you butt and take action – then things will happen for you. Then you will have momentum and then you will have what you want.

I say don’t sit around and wait for motivation to start exercising. Take action today to start a exercise habit. Once you start and stick to your exercise plan you will get more and more motivated to continue – once you get by the first “gruesome experiences”. If you start, one good thing will lead to another and sooner than you know you will be doing it all the time and really enjoying it.

A key is to start on a level that is suitable for you and then go upwards from there. Don’t overwork in the beginning as the risk is that you might associate a lot of pain to your previous workouts.

Instead you should try to associate a workout with something pleasurable and try to start with the “end in mind”. When I think of going to the gym I think about enjoying a super-nice steam sauna and a can of my favourite energy drink (healthy option!). This is what I do after every workout and the thought of that pleasurable experience is what gets me motivated to go to the gym.

Think of something that you can do or have after your workouts. And just after workouts. It should be something that you really enjoy to do or love to eat (not to unhealthy though :). This thing is only allowed after workouts. Maybe you decide that you can have a Latte only after you have been exercising, or you get to have a massage every friday you have been to the gym three times during the week.

When it comes to weightloss taking action is easier with exercise, it’s more concrete than anything else. Not eating isn’t really much of an action in my opinion. Exercising on the other hand is a good weight loss action that will spiral into other good habits and better life style.

So if you lack in motivation to workout, take some time to think of some kind of exercise that you like, and take action. Decide when to do it and how often, and stick to that plan. When you get momentum it’s going to be much easier. That requires that you are consistent.

Getting a car rolling by hand is quite tough and will take a lot of effort, but once you get the wheels rolling you can push the car quite easily. Don’t let it stop though, it will take lots of effort once more to get it rolling again.

In the same way exercise gets easier and more funny if you do it on a consistent basis. If you do it for some time and stop doing it for a couple of weeks, you will have a hard time getting back to where you were.

And as usual, the more action you take, the bigger the results. So take action by doing some exercise and you will get motivation to stay focused on your weight goal. You will feel good about yourself, that it’s easier to stay away from the unhealthy foods and snacks, and get inspired when you see the results of the exercise – a better posture, more defined muscles or better fitness!