Empower yourself – get more energy

Empower yourself get more energy

Clean up your life

When the decision to start losing weight is done you have to have motivation and energy to get a flying start and keep yourself energized. A great way to get more energy is to clean up. Yes that’s right! Clean up your home, clean up your garage, clean up your relationships. Decide to get to it right now. Do the cleanup you have been postponing way to long. If your house is a mess, put on some music that gets you in the right mood and start cleaning up. Throw away things and get rid of the and crap that you will never use.

Unfinished energy suckers

If you have lots of things lying around that you are gonna fix – either fix them or throw them away. Unfinished projects lying around just takes energy out of you. If must fix them but don’t have the time at the moment, put them on “the list” (read the next paragraph) and make a time plan for when to attend to them.The wardrobes, the clothes storage, and while you are at it you might as well clean out the garbage in the cellar, attic and garage as well. Find someone that can help you to transport all the junk to the nearest dump or to give it away for charity. The most of the clothes you have now aren’t gonna fit you in a near future (right?) so you might as well give them away or sell them. You will feel great once it’s done, and you got a workout as a bonus. With this accomplished, you can start on a “blank sheet of paper”.

Stop postponing things

Make a prioritized list of things you have to do with a big sheet of paper and a marker pen. This list might very well include the cleaning in the section above. Write down things that you have postponed for too long time, things that must be taken care of. When you complete one of these tasks you draw a line over it. You will feel good about yourself and you will have a good visual of your progress. Getting it visual, in front of your eyes, is powerful in the same way as writing down your goal, so get it out of your head and on to paper. When you have deleted an item in your list your will feel relief, and you can get that thing out of your head for good and start working with the next task on the list. Everything deleted will give you more and more energy as you don’t have to think about, or worry about it anymore.

Stay away from the “negodiles”

When it comes to relationships they can be really great or they can really suck the juice out of you and drain you of the little energy you have. Being around negative, complaining whiners is something you really should avoid right now. There is a law saying that you are an average of the five closest persons. Being around a bunch of grumpy kvetchers isn’t gonna make it very easy for you to maintain a positive attitude and keep you in the spirit of accomplishing goals.

Maybe it’s best to stop spending so much time with those persons and spend more time with people that can inspire you and encourage you. I know it may seem a bit hard as those negative persons might be close family. Maybe it’s time to tell them that you love and respect them, but that being around them means that you get depleted of energy.

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