Know the dangers of overweight

Two thirds of the americans are either overweight or obese. I think that’s  a really scary fact. Obesity in America is a growing problem. I guess it looks about the same in the other western countries. How did this happen? In 2009 heart disease, cancer and diabetes killed over 1.2 million people in the US (according to this report) That’s the same amount of people that is being killed in traffic accidents per year – in the whole world! Lots of these totally unnecessary deaths are caused by overweight and are due to a faulty lifestyle.

The dangerous modern foods

The biggest problem is that people eat way too much sugar, refined grains, trans fats, and highly processed food that is very low in nutrition. We are eating more and more of the bad stuff and at the same time the quality of the good stuff that is helping us preventing diseases in our body, is falling. I think it is a matter of ignorance to a great extent. People don’t really know how bad the food they are eating really is or how dangerous overweight and obesity really is. How are your eating habits? Do you know to which extent your are putting food containing bad things into your mouth? Lots of foods are containing “hidden sugar”,  foods that you think isn’t containing lots of sugar, but does. The modern research and nutrition science is more and more pointing out wheat and other grains as being almost as dangerous as sugar. Lots of food contains wheat in some form too, especially ready made food. These microwave foods and other processed food is filled with a wide range of chemicals and additives to make the food look, feel and taste better as well as last longer. More of that later.

In the last couple of years I have been digging into the subject of health, well being and weight loss. I have had more than one “eye opener” and learned a lot about the dangers of the “wrong stuff” and the benefits of the “right stuff”. We all want to live a long life and be healthy. Being overweight and eating harmful foods brings so much pain into our lives. No one wants to be a fat person, and live the limiting life it implies.

About 70% of the really serious diseases we suffer in life are caused by our diet. That means we have a pretty good chance of avoiding them by changing our lifestyle. By eating the right things and avoiding the things that makes us fat and sick.

Overweight gone wild

Reading just a little bit about the dangers of being overweight on just any website should in my eyes be enough for an overweight person to do something about the weight immediately. Diabetes type 2, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer (certain forms), sleep apnea, insomnia, joint and back pain and digestion problems just to mention some of the alarming things. For us men it’s common do develop a big fat beer belly. The belly fat is more dangerous as the fat in the belly is more active, gets in the bloodstream affecting the blood vessels, inner organs (such the liver), and has bad impact on blood fats and blood pressure. We all should pay close attention to the waist measure as the belly fat is considered to be the most dangerous fat.

We shouldn’t forget about the emotional and psychological pain overweight and obesity brings! These are dangerous because they have a tendency to keep you in the state you’re in. As you are unhappy with yourself you will continue in the vicious circle of comfort eating (which actually is a downward spiral). You must find the power to break yourself free from this. You probably have hundreds of excuses why it’s okay to eat the food you eat, why you can indulge in just one, or two pieces of that chocolate cake, or why you are worth that bowl of ice cream.

A weight loss plan can help

Hey, I know how you feel. I felt the same as you do. I was always the “fat kid” growing up and I have had problems with controlling my weight a big part of my life, but I found a way to change. I hope that you will find the inspiration to change too. Luckily I have been able to change my thinking enough, but I must tell you I got help (my friend Marcus too). A real kick start, a weight management boost in form of a weight loss plan, a program, designed by the foremost experts in this field (it was almost like cheating a little, but in a good way :). I will let you in on this “secret” a little later. First I want you to continue reading and dig a little deeper into the fundamentals of weight loss and weight management.

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