Learn to love what’s good for you

Learn whats good for you

Right now I just love exercising for the way it makes me feel, how it makes me look and for the energy it gives me. In the beginning it was NOT like that. I liked cookies, pastry and candy a lot before and ate it carelessly, but now I have conditioned myself not to eat it for the bad things it brings into my life. I think that has been an upward spiral for me, in the same way bad habits can bring you on to the highway down. I have taken one step at a time, giving up unhealthy stuff little by little.

Being aware is important if you want to lose weight

One of the reasons you are overweight is probably caused by putting the wrong kind of food in your mouth. And way too much of it. You have to change your eating habits, and the way you see food, in order to be able to stop eating the wrong stuff. You have to be more aware, and start thinking in a different way if you want to make a change! That is a part of the new mindset you have to adopt. Being aware is one of the basic things. If you aren’t aware of what is doing you harm, it’s hard to find ways to stop those things. You might not know how dangerous the food you eat actually is. That’s why you must stop for a minute, put yourself into learning mode and get ahold of the important facts. Become a diligent student.

We wouldn’t fuel the car up with water, or throw a handful of sand into the tank on a regular basis, would we? But for lots of people it seem okay to abuse their body on a daily basis by stuffing it full of sugar, processed foods and trans fats like there is no tomorrow, making really bad impact on the health in the long term. We only have one body, and should treat it like it’s the most precious thing we have.

So how bad do you want change? Are you willing to pay the price of losing weight? Remember that you cannot get something for nothing. You have to be willing to give something to receive.

You have to embrace the new life philosophy – the way you see things, and the way you
respond to what “happens” to you. You will probably have to change your attitude towards a lot of things.

Here is a key. You have to take 100% responsibility for your own life. Stop blaming circumstances and stop making excuses. Stop lying to yourself. It’s you who have to change, for things to change. It’s you who have to make a real decision about losing weight!

It’s time to go all in

You may have tried dozens of times before and failed massively. Know that the past does not equal the future and you can make a brand new start today, but you have to decide that you are going to do it. And this time you are going to do it the right way. Don’t say to yourself “I’ll give it a try and see how it goes…” because then there is always a way out. Go all in, lock the door back to your old life and throw away the key.

Today is the day that you should decide. Now is the time to abandon those bad habits and start making smart daily choices! It can be as simple as that. You should put that can of soda, or that pastry, away right this moment and start focusing on what matters the most.

Let me tell you about the travelling salesman. He one day got to a farm. On the porch of the farm house a dog was lying. As he got closer, he heard that the dog was yelping and whining constantly. The poor dog just wouldn’t stop. The farmer came out from the house and after that the salesman had introduced himself he asked the farmer why the dog was crying so much.
- He is in pain because he is lying on a nail that is coming right up from the porch floor, the farmer replied.
- Why isn’t the poor dog moving then, the salesman asked baffled.
- It’s not hurting enough, the farmer replied.

Maybe it’s like that for you too? Being overweight is not painful enough for you to take the step. To start making a lasting change. I hope to help you to get motivated enough to successfully lose that extra pounds you are carrying around.

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