Get moving towards your goal – literally

You probably figured out that moving your body is one of the keys to losing weight. Exercise might sound really scary and boring to you. I have found that exercising is the single most effective way to get lots of energy. What is a nap on the couch compared to a quick power walk or an exercise session? Sleeping will just make you more sleepy (of course you should get a good nights sleep of 7-8 hours), but to laze around in the bed or sofa consuming snacks and sweets is gonna make you chronically tired.

You should get started right away to find a good way for you to exercise that you find enjoyable so that you can stick to the plan. If not playing any sports or going to the gym, walking is a good way to get started. And I don’t mean strolling around window shopping. Lace your sneakers and go out for a proper power walk. Being out in the nature or in the park can be a great experience. Set a goal for your exercise and get moving. No excuses!

If you for an example decide to start walking, decide which distance you should walk and how often. Don’t be to soft on yourself now, it has to be exercise. A great thing that I did was to download the iPhone-app “Runkeeper” which kept track of when and where I walked, and what distance. It made me compete with myself and keep track of all activities, which made me perform even more. I dig more into the field of exercise later as it is – want it or not – a central part in weight loss and weight management. Weight loss is about 75% diet and 25% exercise.

Start breathing – the right way

What now, do I think you’re not breathing? Of course you are, but maybe you are not doing enough deep breathing with your belly (diaphragm). This is actually a great way to calm your mind, and helps your lymphatic system boost up in the process of getting rid of all the toxins in your body. Deep breathing is a good way to lower your stress and anxiety (it lowers the cortisol level), suppress cravings, helps raise the cardiovascular capacity which means the amount of oxygen our heart and lungs can deliver to your cells. Deep breathing encourages the burning of fat even in low-demand activities as the high intake of oxygen promote burning of fat for energy rather than using up the energy supply in the cells.

Breathe your bad mood out

Have you seen the movie “The green mile” starring Tom Hanks? The giant Coffey, played by Michael Clarke Duncan has the ability to “suck” the illness and madness out of people and breathe it out as a black sizzling cloud of particles. I like to imagine deep breathing in that way, it’s so visual.

Whenever I feel stressed or bitter and angry for a silly reason I take deep breaths and as I breathe out I imagine all the stress, bad mood, anger, irritation and gloom disappear like a black gooey cloud. I breathe in clean air filled with harmony, comfort, happiness and relief and breathe out bad stuff. Try that the next time you are in a bad mood, or for example is stopping at a red light and feel the stress level raise.

Getting lots of oxygen into your body is a very positive thing. It’s one of the good things with aerobic exercise. More oxygen in – more carbon dioxide out, a good workout for your heart and a jolt of oxygen through your cells.

Start your morning by doing some deep breathing, while in a relaxed state. Take a really deep breath through your nose, hold it to the count of 4-6 seconds and exhale twice the time you inhaled. Repeat for a number of times. During this “exercise”, think about your goal and empower yourself by imagining yourself being that person you intend to be – slender, healthy, full of energy and fully alive.

Deep breathing can be a good first step to begin your exercise plan so start doing it whenever you can.

Empower yourself – get more energy

Clean up your life

When the decision to start losing weight is done you have to have motivation and energy to get a flying start and keep yourself energized. A great way to get more energy is to clean up. Yes that’s right! Clean up your home, clean up your garage, clean up your relationships. Decide to get to it right now. Do the cleanup you have been postponing way to long. If your house is a mess, put on some music that gets you in the right mood and start cleaning up. Throw away things and get rid of the and crap that you will never use.

Unfinished energy suckers

If you have lots of things lying around that you are gonna fix – either fix them or throw them away. Unfinished projects lying around just takes energy out of you. If must fix them but don’t have the time at the moment, put them on “the list” (read the next paragraph) and make a time plan for when to attend to them.The wardrobes, the clothes storage, and while you are at it you might as well clean out the garbage in the cellar, attic and garage as well. Find someone that can help you to transport all the junk to the nearest dump or to give it away for charity. The most of the clothes you have now aren’t gonna fit you in a near future (right?) so you might as well give them away or sell them. You will feel great once it’s done, and you got a workout as a bonus. With this accomplished, you can start on a “blank sheet of paper”.

Stop postponing things

Make a prioritized list of things you have to do with a big sheet of paper and a marker pen. This list might very well include the cleaning in the section above. Write down things that you have postponed for too long time, things that must be taken care of. When you complete one of these tasks you draw a line over it. You will feel good about yourself and you will have a good visual of your progress. Getting it visual, in front of your eyes, is powerful in the same way as writing down your goal, so get it out of your head and on to paper. When you have deleted an item in your list your will feel relief, and you can get that thing out of your head for good and start working with the next task on the list. Everything deleted will give you more and more energy as you don’t have to think about, or worry about it anymore.

Stay away from the “negodiles”

When it comes to relationships they can be really great or they can really suck the juice out of you and drain you of the little energy you have. Being around negative, complaining whiners is something you really should avoid right now. There is a law saying that you are an average of the five closest persons. Being around a bunch of grumpy kvetchers isn’t gonna make it very easy for you to maintain a positive attitude and keep you in the spirit of accomplishing goals.

Maybe it’s best to stop spending so much time with those persons and spend more time with people that can inspire you and encourage you. I know it may seem a bit hard as those negative persons might be close family. Maybe it’s time to tell them that you love and respect them, but that being around them means that you get depleted of energy.

How to really lose weight?

How can I manage to lose weight? The answer is actually to burn more calories than your take in on a daily basis. But that answer is way to simple. That’s just a scientists answer and there is more to that. How do I really do it? you ask yourself. How can I get started when I feel such resistance? How can I manage to be persistent enough?

In order to reach your goal you must be able to see yourself succeed. You must believe that you can do it! Your belief in yourself is what’s gonna trigger good feelings, that in turn will change your behaviours, leading to a changed attitude which will get you into action. Without action, there are no results.There are lots of limiting beliefs telling you can’t do this or that and those beliefs are affecting you in a bad way. It’s the voice inside of you, saying “you will never make it”, that you “don’t have what it takes”, that you “might as well give it up right now”, that your goals “never gonna be anything more than wishful thinking”. Lots of those limiting beliefs have been built up from since you were a little snotty kid. Our environment is not always as supportive, constructive and positive as it should be.

Ask the right questions

You must start asking yourself the right questions. Asking “can I really do this?” creates a feeling of doubt that is going to keep you in a state where you aren’t going to get the most out of yourself. If you instead ask yourself “How can I make this happen right now and have fun doing it?” it will kick start your brain to find an answer to that question.

By starting to take small steps towards your goal, and accomplish those things, you will feel better about yourself and suppress that inner voice. Your main goal to lose a certain amount of pounds or inches around the waist may feel distant. If you make sub goals, “mile stones” if you wish, it will be easier. Maybe you decide that by a certain date (one month into the future) you have cut sugar completely from you diet, or you are by that date taking a x mile walk 4 days a week. That would be good mile stones on your way to your goal! You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and give it all up because it feels too uncomfortable. Take a step to adopt a new good habit, and get rid of a bad habit. When you feel okay, you make another change. Just stick to your plan.

You have to stay committed to your goal even if choosing the healthy (tough) option instead of the tasty (easy) isn’t gonna be a dance on roses.

“Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.” -Darren Hardy

This is why new years resolutions tend to drop through. You are in a fantastic mood that night and you make promises to yourself and others. But when the mood has left you, and the everyday life is getting you in it’s grip it takes a lot of effort to still have commitment.

The right attitude

Having the right attitude is crucial. The attitude that you are a winner and that loosing weight is something easy and enjoyable. You should live each day like you already accomplished your goal and that you are now enjoying the benefits it brings. If you just focus on how things are right now, nothing is going to be better for you. Probably just worse. Even if it feels really bad right now, and you feel down on your luck, there is sure things that you can appreciate and be thankful for.

I have found that being grateful is a powerful way to make yourself feel good. Being grateful is one of the characteristics of the really successful people. There is always someone else that is in a worse situation than you. Maybe you should get some perspective by reading about people that have had really big challenges but succeeded big times due to a positive attitude. There are lots of stories like that. Did you hear about the man who was really unhappy that he had no shoes, until that day he met a man with no feet?

You have lots to be thankful for

There is always things to be happy for and those things will help you to get into a state of feeling good about yourself. That’s the state you want to get into, and stay in as much as possible. Even if you feel unhappy with your weight, I’m sure you have lots to be thankful about – a loving partner, wonderful kids, a good job, a thriving business, financial wealth, freedom, to be able to eat every day, two arms and two legs! Start thinking about, and be happy for these things instead of dwelling on destructive  thoughts and  negative things.

Setting your weight loss goal

On the 31st of december last year something happened. You were standing there, dressed up with a glass of sparkling champagne in your hand, making a grandiose new years resolution. You promised yourself (like lots of times before) that everything was going to change and that you would become a better person, only to give up some days later. Back in the old tracks. Life went on like nothing happened. Business as usual.

I hope that you know what you want by now, why you must get what you want, what life will be like if you don’t get it, what you will gain and how your life will improve if you succeed.

Write down your weight loss goal

What you next have to do is to make a written goal with a timestamp, stated in the positive. Know the difference of a goal and a dream. Goals have a deadline, dreams don’t. It is really important that you write it down, and that you read it to yourself with conviction every day. Writing the goals down is like making a contract with yourself and it will make all details concerning the goal more clear. It’s a good thing to write down all the reasons why you have to succeed, and all the positive things you will gain, together with the goal and keep them where you can see them and be reminded. Besides to bath room mirror, on the fridge or on the sun screen in your car. You can even print the goal on a small card to have in your wallet so that you can be reminded every time you are paying for something.

Your must be able to see if you have reached your goal

The goal you set must be concrete and measurable. Anyone must be able to see if you have reached your goal or not. It’s a good to hold someone accountable for you reaching your goals. That will make you even more spurred on to achieve it, especially to prove someone – that don’t believe you can do it – wrong. It can be good to tell some people you trust about your goals. It’s harder to let yourself down then. You don’t wanna hear “I told you so…” :) If you dare, you can post it on Facebook, but that may be going over board a little :)

Be realistic when losing weight

One more important thing with a goal is that it has to be realistic. Sure you should think highly of yourself, and know that you are able to accomplish absolutely astounding things, but there is a limit how much weight you will be able to lose in a certain time. You don’t wanna get too disappointed if you don’t reach that goal. Anyway it must be challenging so don’t go too soft on yourself.

Why you must have a deadline

Having a deadline is so important as we often tend to postpone things. The closer we come to a deadline, the harder will we work. There is a rule (Pareto’s principle) saying that 80% of the work is done in the last 20% of the available time, and I have personally known that to be true. When I got closer to the deadline of my first weight goal, I started to work very hard and got stricter with my eating and pushing myself a little extra exercise-wise, just to be able to accomplish the goal on time.

Speaking of my first goal, it went like this:
“By the 9th of september 20nn I weigh xx pounds. I am consistent and focused, working on my weight goal every day enjoying the process as I’m getting lighter, pound by pound”.

I must tell you. I didn’t reach that goal on time. But I wasn’t very unhappy as I noticed great improvements in my posture, body shape and muscle definition. Sometimes you have to admit that defeat, summarize your experiences, and make new and improved goals based on the new knowledge. As long as you get up after the fall, you are not defeated. I made a new goal based on lost inches around the waist. That is much better because if you start exercising, as I did, your muscles grow and that will make you heavier even if you lose lots of body fat.

If you set a goal, and fail to meet it on time then let the disappointment and anger you feel be your fuel to fire yourself up for revanche. Get up, and get going again. Show yourself that you can be better, stronger, more persevering and a mean bastard :)

You will be rewarded

Commit yourself to make small simple changes everyday to make progress towards your goal. It’s about smart choices made on a daily basis that compounds over time. When you start to see results, it’s so rewarding! A great thing with fat loss is that when you are having results, people will notice. They will give you nice comments, be impressed (or envious..hehe). That will give you more self confidence, which will give you more motivation and make you take even more action. It’s a really nice positive spiral!

How do you feel about going into fitting rooms and get undress? Standing in front of the mirror in the cold revealing light. I doesn’t make you feel much good about yourself I guess. Maybe you have caught your own reflection in a store window or in a big mirror when browsing a department store. I was surprised, almost shocked, how good my body looked in the reflection the other day. It’s so incredibly rewarding to see what you have become, what your striving has led to! I used to hate to see how much weight I had gained, and how my belly bulged out.

When you notice your progress in a way like this it’s much easier to stay on track and do more of what has made you succeed. How would you feel if you passed by a mirror and saw yourself with a flat belly, nice looking hips and thighs? A lean body with a good posture. That would make you smile and feel great about yourself. This can be the reality if you just believe you can look like this.

You must know where you are, and where you are going

Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
The Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.
Alice: I don’t much care where.
The Cat: Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.

Are you one of those people that takes each day as it comes, never makes plans and just drift along, reacting to whatever life throws at you? In that case you are starting to sound like poor Alice. It’s time to get a grip on the current situation.

Take a good look on the current situation. How is you health status? How do you feel physically and mentally? What’s your weight and what’s your waist measurement? Scared to check? Just do it. You have to know where you starting point is. From this on, you are going to weigh and measure yourself and keep track of the progress. If you don’t have a scale and a measuring tape, go and buy those. Now that you are gonna set a weight goal it’s important that you know your progress, that you are on track so to speak. The good thing with a weight goal or a waist measurement goal is that it is very concrete, and you’re able to measure your progress easily. The same goes with the waist measurement goal.

Now it’s time to decide where you wanna go, and by when you are going to get to your destination.