Setting your GOAL for a lighter you

Finding the inner power – the reason why

Have you decided to really do it this time? Now you are wondering how you will be able to pull it off?

There are lots of challenges when it comes to losing weight, and it may feel very tough in the beginning. You may feel overwhelmed, and you don’t really know where to start. Whatever you are thinking, you should know that the technical things about weight loss is actually the easy part. What you have to work hardest with is the fundamentals – knowing your why, goal setting, focus and planning. On top of that you have to develop a good character and a strong belief in yourself!

For some people the reason may be that they have to lose weight and become healthy in order not to suffer severe consequences like dangerously high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. Your reason may not be that alarming, but very important for you.

Your personal reason

The reason why you have to lose weight must be clear. Something you have to focus your thinking on. The “power of why” is what drives us to accomplish extraordinary things. You have to find your personal reason and let that be the driving force. Maybe you are feeling unhappy because people are making fun of you, or you hate what you see when you look in the mirror (one of my reasons why), or you don’t feel attractive enough when it comes to relationships with men/women, or you are tired of always being the “fat one” in the friendship group, or to stop having knee/back pain caused by your heavy load.

In either case you must think about what will ultimately happen if you don’t follow through. Even if it is tough to do the things necessary to lose weight, you will probably suffer even more if you don’t do anything about it now. To find your strong “why” you have to think about what is really hurting you the most being this overweight, or what is the most important thing you will gain by succeeding losing weight. You must find something powerful that motivates you enough.

Burning desire inside

Imagine you are getting home from work to discover that your house is on fire. Flames and smoke is coming from the window and the fire is becoming ravenous.
You start thinking about all the stuff, the photo albums with memories that will be lost forever. You are shocked, but you couldn’t risk your life for that.
Now you see your own child in the window on the first floor. The flames are almost licking the kids back. All of a sudden you feel an urge to run into the burning house.

Why do you suddenly want to get in there, when you seconds ago didn’t even considered that option? What happened was that you suddenly got a tremendous amount of motivation, you suddenly had a strong reason why you should run into the burning inferno.

Do you have a fire inside of you, strong enough to get the motivation you need to do the things necessary to lose weight?

The key here is that you got to have leverage. You have to find motivation, and your personal reason why is what’s gonna keep you motivated. Your motivation has to come from inside of you. You have to dig deep to find a really strong and appealing why. You first think you’re goal is to lose x pounds. Why do you want to lose x pounds? Because you want to fit into your clothes. Why do you wanna do that, really? Because you want the opposite sex to notice you. Why do you want that? Because you want to feel attractive, sexy and inviting.

Feeling is powerful

Take time to visualize these things. Put yourself in a state where you can really feel why you must do the change. Feeling is way more powerful than just thinking about it, or reading it. I’m sure you have a strong reason why inside of you, and that you will be able to focus on that from now on. Identifying your why will give you power. When your why is strong enough, the how gets easy. Can I ask you something? Does your why make you cry? Then you have a strong enough why to accomplish your goal! It also works well if it makes you sad, angry, pissed off or frustrated. As I said, feeling something is the most powerful thing.

Know the dangers of overweight

Two thirds of the americans are either overweight or obese. I think that’s  a really scary fact. Obesity in America is a growing problem. I guess it looks about the same in the other western countries. How did this happen? In 2009 heart disease, cancer and diabetes killed over 1.2 million people in the US (according to this report) That’s the same amount of people that is being killed in traffic accidents per year – in the whole world! Lots of these totally unnecessary deaths are caused by overweight and are due to a faulty lifestyle.

The dangerous modern foods

The biggest problem is that people eat way too much sugar, refined grains, trans fats, and highly processed food that is very low in nutrition. We are eating more and more of the bad stuff and at the same time the quality of the good stuff that is helping us preventing diseases in our body, is falling. I think it is a matter of ignorance to a great extent. People don’t really know how bad the food they are eating really is or how dangerous overweight and obesity really is. How are your eating habits? Do you know to which extent your are putting food containing bad things into your mouth? Lots of foods are containing “hidden sugar”,  foods that you think isn’t containing lots of sugar, but does. The modern research and nutrition science is more and more pointing out wheat and other grains as being almost as dangerous as sugar. Lots of food contains wheat in some form too, especially ready made food. These microwave foods and other processed food is filled with a wide range of chemicals and additives to make the food look, feel and taste better as well as last longer. More of that later.

In the last couple of years I have been digging into the subject of health, well being and weight loss. I have had more than one “eye opener” and learned a lot about the dangers of the “wrong stuff” and the benefits of the “right stuff”. We all want to live a long life and be healthy. Being overweight and eating harmful foods brings so much pain into our lives. No one wants to be a fat person, and live the limiting life it implies.

About 70% of the really serious diseases we suffer in life are caused by our diet. That means we have a pretty good chance of avoiding them by changing our lifestyle. By eating the right things and avoiding the things that makes us fat and sick.

Overweight gone wild

Reading just a little bit about the dangers of being overweight on just any website should in my eyes be enough for an overweight person to do something about the weight immediately. Diabetes type 2, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer (certain forms), sleep apnea, insomnia, joint and back pain and digestion problems just to mention some of the alarming things. For us men it’s common do develop a big fat beer belly. The belly fat is more dangerous as the fat in the belly is more active, gets in the bloodstream affecting the blood vessels, inner organs (such the liver), and has bad impact on blood fats and blood pressure. We all should pay close attention to the waist measure as the belly fat is considered to be the most dangerous fat.

We shouldn’t forget about the emotional and psychological pain overweight and obesity brings! These are dangerous because they have a tendency to keep you in the state you’re in. As you are unhappy with yourself you will continue in the vicious circle of comfort eating (which actually is a downward spiral). You must find the power to break yourself free from this. You probably have hundreds of excuses why it’s okay to eat the food you eat, why you can indulge in just one, or two pieces of that chocolate cake, or why you are worth that bowl of ice cream.

A weight loss plan can help

Hey, I know how you feel. I felt the same as you do. I was always the “fat kid” growing up and I have had problems with controlling my weight a big part of my life, but I found a way to change. I hope that you will find the inspiration to change too. Luckily I have been able to change my thinking enough, but I must tell you I got help (my friend Marcus too). A real kick start, a weight management boost in form of a weight loss plan, a program, designed by the foremost experts in this field (it was almost like cheating a little, but in a good way :). I will let you in on this “secret” a little later. First I want you to continue reading and dig a little deeper into the fundamentals of weight loss and weight management.

Learn to love what’s good for you

Right now I just love exercising for the way it makes me feel, how it makes me look and for the energy it gives me. In the beginning it was NOT like that. I liked cookies, pastry and candy a lot before and ate it carelessly, but now I have conditioned myself not to eat it for the bad things it brings into my life. I think that has been an upward spiral for me, in the same way bad habits can bring you on to the highway down. I have taken one step at a time, giving up unhealthy stuff little by little.

Being aware is important if you want to lose weight

One of the reasons you are overweight is probably caused by putting the wrong kind of food in your mouth. And way too much of it. You have to change your eating habits, and the way you see food, in order to be able to stop eating the wrong stuff. You have to be more aware, and start thinking in a different way if you want to make a change! That is a part of the new mindset you have to adopt. Being aware is one of the basic things. If you aren’t aware of what is doing you harm, it’s hard to find ways to stop those things. You might not know how dangerous the food you eat actually is. That’s why you must stop for a minute, put yourself into learning mode and get ahold of the important facts. Become a diligent student.

We wouldn’t fuel the car up with water, or throw a handful of sand into the tank on a regular basis, would we? But for lots of people it seem okay to abuse their body on a daily basis by stuffing it full of sugar, processed foods and trans fats like there is no tomorrow, making really bad impact on the health in the long term. We only have one body, and should treat it like it’s the most precious thing we have.

So how bad do you want change? Are you willing to pay the price of losing weight? Remember that you cannot get something for nothing. You have to be willing to give something to receive.

You have to embrace the new life philosophy – the way you see things, and the way you
respond to what “happens” to you. You will probably have to change your attitude towards a lot of things.

Here is a key. You have to take 100% responsibility for your own life. Stop blaming circumstances and stop making excuses. Stop lying to yourself. It’s you who have to change, for things to change. It’s you who have to make a real decision about losing weight!

It’s time to go all in

You may have tried dozens of times before and failed massively. Know that the past does not equal the future and you can make a brand new start today, but you have to decide that you are going to do it. And this time you are going to do it the right way. Don’t say to yourself “I’ll give it a try and see how it goes…” because then there is always a way out. Go all in, lock the door back to your old life and throw away the key.

Today is the day that you should decide. Now is the time to abandon those bad habits and start making smart daily choices! It can be as simple as that. You should put that can of soda, or that pastry, away right this moment and start focusing on what matters the most.

Let me tell you about the travelling salesman. He one day got to a farm. On the porch of the farm house a dog was lying. As he got closer, he heard that the dog was yelping and whining constantly. The poor dog just wouldn’t stop. The farmer came out from the house and after that the salesman had introduced himself he asked the farmer why the dog was crying so much.
He is in pain because he is lying on a nail that is coming right up from the porch floor, the farmer replied.
Why isn’t the poor dog moving then, the salesman asked baffled.
It’s not hurting enough, the farmer replied.

Maybe it’s like that for you too? Being overweight is not painful enough for you to take the step. To start making a lasting change. I hope to help you to get motivated enough to successfully lose that extra pounds you are carrying around.

Pleasure vs Pain – the reason weight loss is tough

You have felt the pleasure of eating chocolate, candy, cup cakes, fries, donuts, icecream or excess of burgers, pizzas or other  unhealthy food. Pleasure of relaxing in the sofa watching TV every night. Pleasure of eating the things you love whenever you want. Pleasure of indulging. Pleasure of taking the car instead of walking.

You have been experiencing a lot of pain when it comes to exercising, pain of eating (what you think is) distasteful food,  pain of having to deal with the giant pile of problems in your life (leading to depression making you grab for even more food and bad stuff to put in your mouth). Those things have you been avoiding to a large degree and that has made you neglect your health. Maybe you have used food to comfort yourself, to ease some kind of pain. Can you relate to this story?

Get out of your comfort zone

We people tend to take the easy path in life. When something feels scary, hard, way out of our comfort zone, we choose to go for what feels safe and have a short term winning for us, neglecting things that makes us winners in the long run. Again, this is done to avoid the pain.

Success in any field on the other hand is going for what has a long term winning. Success is stretching yourself. Success is growing, doing the things you find uncomfortable and overcoming fears! The hard fact is that if you truly want to lose body fat and keep being lean and fit you have to do things that may feel uncomfortable to you! If you have tried, but failed, you have probably failed because you have been trying to avoid the pain the weight loss endeavor caused you.

If you want to succeed you have to break the bad habits, and change what you link pleasure and pain to. If you find it painful to exercise, you have to change that in order to be more healthy. You will have to find a way to discover that exercising means empowerment, fun and pleasure for you. If you link lots of pleasure to eating snacks and sugar, you have to change that. Otherwise you won’t be able to make lasting changes! If you hate exercising, but do it anyway for some weeks, you will most likely stop doing it after a short period of time as exercise is something that you have linked negative emotions to. The same goes with foods. You may stop eating bad foods for some time, but you will go back to eating them as you feel that you refrain from all the good stuff and that you are making a sacrifice.

It’s important that you don’t feel that you’re making sacrifices. You must work with yourself to change how you feel about eating the food that made you fat. Your must make a life style change if you want to loose weight for life. If you see you weight loss effort as a limited time starve yourself experiment, hoping to lose all unwanted weight but after that period of time suddenly stops, you’ll start a career as a yo-yo dieter.

Developing the right mindset

What happens to some people who wins millions of dollars on lottery? They eventually end up losing it all, and sometimes find themselves more broke than before, knee deep in debt. Why is that happening? They haven’t developed the right mindset – the mindset of a rich and wealthy person. A businessman or entrepreneur that has earned a lot of money has developed the right mindset by becoming someone else, and therefore he/she can handle being rich and having lots of money.

In the same way you have to develop a mindset and a philosophy about your relationship to food, about what to eat, what not to eat, moderation, self control, awareness, learning, exercise, your attitude towards yourself and the world around you. This includes a process where you have to work with yourself to get from the state you’re in, to a state where you wanna be. A state in which you feel good.

What you want regarding your weight is not actually a lighter body. That is relative. Compared to a rhino you are really light, don’t you think? What you really want is a change of state. You want a change in how you feel.

You want to feel good

Your ultimate goal of weight loss is foremost to change how you feel about yourself. You want to feel powerful, attractive, healthy, full of energy, vibrant and alive! You want to be able to live your life to the max. To be able to do that, you have to work with yourself. For something to change, you have to change. It doesn’t matter if it comes to wealth, health, relationships or weight. First of all you have to get the foundation of your weight transformation cemented. You must now WHY you have to lose weight! Otherwise you will not be able to continue when the going gets tough, and you will slip right back to your old patterns. Maybe that’s why you failed the last time you tried to lose weight, you didn’t really know why you had to lose weight, you just saw that you had become fat and was shocked by the truth. The foundation of all success is to have a written goal and a powerful why.This is where the most people fail.

Right now you may be tired, totally lacking in energy, disappointed with your self, all puffed-up and you are feeling unattractive. That is means a lot of pain to you.

Everything we humans do is either to gain pleasure or avoid pain. The way you are today, the amount of weight you have gained and the physical and mental condition you are in right now, is caused by the things you have done either to avoid pain or gain pleasure, either consciously or unconsciously. Contemplate this and you will find it very true.