Setting your weight loss goal

On the 31st of december last year something happened. You were standing there, dressed up with a glass of sparkling champagne in your hand, making a grandiose new years resolution. You promised yourself (like lots of times before) that everything was going to change and that you would become a better person, only to give up some days later. Back in the old tracks. Life went on like nothing happened. Business as usual.

I hope that you know what you want by now, why you must get what you want, what life will be like if you don’t get it, what you will gain and how your life will improve if you succeed.

Write down your weight loss goal

What you next have to do is to make a written goal with a timestamp, stated in the positive. Know the difference of a goal and a dream. Goals have a deadline, dreams don’t. It is really important that you write it down, and that you read it to yourself with conviction every day. Writing the goals down is like making a contract with yourself and it will make all details concerning the goal more clear. It’s a good thing to write down all the reasons why you have to succeed, and all the positive things you will gain, together with the goal and keep them where you can see them and be reminded. Besides to bath room mirror, on the fridge or on the sun screen in your car. You can even print the goal on a small card to have in your wallet so that you can be reminded every time you are paying for something.

Your must be able to see if you have reached your goal

The goal you set must be concrete and measurable. Anyone must be able to see if you have reached your goal or not. It’s a good to hold someone accountable for you reaching your goals. That will make you even more spurred on to achieve it, especially to prove someone – that don’t believe you can do it – wrong. It can be good to tell some people you trust about your goals. It’s harder to let yourself down then. You don’t wanna hear “I told you so…” :) If you dare, you can post it on Facebook, but that may be going over board a little :)

Be realistic when losing weight

One more important thing with a goal is that it has to be realistic. Sure you should think highly of yourself, and know that you are able to accomplish absolutely astounding things, but there is a limit how much weight you will be able to lose in a certain time. You don’t wanna get too disappointed if you don’t reach that goal. Anyway it must be challenging so don’t go too soft on yourself.

Why you must have a deadline

Having a deadline is so important as we often tend to postpone things. The closer we come to a deadline, the harder will we work. There is a rule (Pareto’s principle) saying that 80% of the work is done in the last 20% of the available time, and I have personally known that to be true. When I got closer to the deadline of my first weight goal, I started to work very hard and got stricter with my eating and pushing myself a little extra exercise-wise, just to be able to accomplish the goal on time.

Speaking of my first goal, it went like this:
“By the 9th of september 20nn I weigh xx pounds. I am consistent and focused, working on my weight goal every day enjoying the process as I’m getting lighter, pound by pound”.

I must tell you. I didn’t reach that goal on time. But I wasn’t very unhappy as I noticed great improvements in my posture, body shape and muscle definition. Sometimes you have to admit that defeat, summarize your experiences, and make new and improved goals based on the new knowledge. As long as you get up after the fall, you are not defeated. I made a new goal based on lost inches around the waist. That is much better because if you start exercising, as I did, your muscles grow and that will make you heavier even if you lose lots of body fat.

If you set a goal, and fail to meet it on time then let the disappointment and anger you feel be your fuel to fire yourself up for revanche. Get up, and get going again. Show yourself that you can be better, stronger, more persevering and a mean bastard :)

You will be rewarded

Commit yourself to make small simple changes everyday to make progress towards your goal. It’s about smart choices made on a daily basis that compounds over time. When you start to see results, it’s so rewarding! A great thing with fat loss is that when you are having results, people will notice. They will give you nice comments, be impressed (or envious..hehe). That will give you more self confidence, which will give you more motivation and make you take even more action. It’s a really nice positive spiral!

How do you feel about going into fitting rooms and get undress? Standing in front of the mirror in the cold revealing light. I doesn’t make you feel much good about yourself I guess. Maybe you have caught your own reflection in a store window or in a big mirror when browsing a department store. I was surprised, almost shocked, how good my body looked in the reflection the other day. It’s so incredibly rewarding to see what you have become, what your striving has led to! I used to hate to see how much weight I had gained, and how my belly bulged out.

When you notice your progress in a way like this it’s much easier to stay on track and do more of what has made you succeed. How would you feel if you passed by a mirror and saw yourself with a flat belly, nice looking hips and thighs? A lean body with a good posture. That would make you smile and feel great about yourself. This can be the reality if you just believe you can look like this.

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