Start your weight loss journey today

So it didn’t happen this year either? The supposed “beach body” that you had been hoping for and dreamt about in the spring just didn’t become more than a dream and now you are standing in front of the mirror asking yourself “how the h*ck did this happen?”.

Lying on the beach, you felt more like a stranded whale than a hunk/beach-babe and those memories hurt. You have really tried hard to lose that weight, but now it seems to be out of control and you feel frustrated and resigned.

How did your belly swell up that much, and when did it happen? Your hips and thighs are expanding beyond control, your chin is going double and even your arms are getting chubby.
It happened to me. I was in that situation, but I found a way to change and I started this blog to help people like us to lose weight and keep the weight, to have a lasting change in health and lifestyle.

So how can you make this happen? How can you go from where you are right now to the person you want to be? What’s the “secret” to weight loss? You have really tried to lose weight, but nothing seems to work out. Maybe you lost a couple of pounds, just to gain it back a little later. You fail every time to keep the weight off.

What you need is not the latest gym equipment from TV shop (that can be yours for 3 easy payments of $69.95 and easily slides under your bed). It’s not a can of pills that magically melts fat off your body while you’re watching your favourite TV series. What you foremost need isn’t a new “thing”. You know it. I know it. These things aren’t magical, but you choose to believe those gadgets or those pills are going to help because you want a fast and easy solution for your problems.

What you need is a totally new MINDSET and a new PHILOSOPHY about food, about yourself, about weight, about your health and body, about what’s the most important in your life! You must make a healthy lifestyle a part of your new weight loss mindset. Then you will win!

Do you expect instant results?

You may have started, and really tried to lose that belly fat of yours, but given up as the results didn’t show. You are a product of a fast paced – stressed out – on demand –  instant gratification – push button environment where everything has to happen right now! Bam bam wham! You expect that your actions are turned into results instantaneously! Most of us do that anyway.

When you tried to lose weight for two whole weeks thinking that you pushed yourself to the limits, and the scale just grinned back at you saying you were a looser, you really felt like one, and you gave up. How did it make you feel?

What you have to realize is that for you to lose weight, and keep that weight for a long time, you have to set yourself up for success. You have to have the success mindset.

So what am I talking about? Mindset and philosophy? Success is never something that just happens “overnight”, even if we often see it like that. It’s a process of taking small steps towards a goal for a long time. To succeed with anything, you have to be clear on what you really want, and take the steps necessary to reach that.

You probably want to lose a lot of weight right now. And you wanna lose weight fast! When your eyes are opened and you realize one day how much weight you gained, you panic and as a result you may try to do what you think will help you in the shortest possible time.

Strange diets don’t work

I tell you, a crash diet, a celebrity diet, the latest fad diet, starving yourself or some other stupid thing, is not the solution. Why? Because foremost we people love to eat and we are built to eat food. We need to have proper nutrition to work, and if we don’t eat will we sooner or later freak out and end up having a binge. Secondly those diets aren’t supported by the mindset of weight loss success and weight management in the long run.

Do you wanna know why 95% of the people that tries to lose weight and stay slim fail?

They fail because they haven’t developed the right mindset, philosophy and lifestyle. Do as you always have done and you will be as you always have been. They haven’t changed the way they think, they haven’t changed their habits, and that is the most crucial about weight loss.

What is the winning of losing 40 pounds in 30 days by starving yourself, only to gain it all back the following months after that? I’m sure you have tried to lose weight before and managed to lose some pounds after abstaining the stuff you love to eat for some weeks, living on air and water, and after that going back to the same eating pattern as before and gained the pounds back. Status quo.

Developing the right mindset

What happens to some people who wins millions of dollars on lottery? They eventually end up losing it all, and sometimes find themselves more broke than before, knee deep in debt. Why is that happening? They haven’t developed the right mindset – the mindset of a rich and wealthy person. A businessman or entrepreneur that has earned a lot of money has developed the right mindset by becoming someone else, and therefore he/she can handle being rich and having lots of money.

In the same way you have to develop a mindset and a philosophy about your relationship to food, about what to eat, what not to eat, moderation, self control, awareness, learning, exercise, your attitude towards yourself and the world around you. This includes a process where you have to work with yourself to get from the state you’re in, to a state where you wanna be. A state in which you feel good.

What you want regarding your weight is not actually a lighter body. That is relative. Compared to a rhino you are really light, don’t you think? What you really want is a change of state. You want a change in how you feel.

You want to feel good

Your ultimate goal of weight loss is foremost to change how you feel about yourself. You want to feel powerful, attractive, healthy, full of energy, vibrant and alive! You want to be able to live your life to the max. To be able to do that, you have to work with yourself. For something to change, you have to change. It doesn’t matter if it comes to wealth, health, relationships or weight. First of all you have to get the foundation of your weight transformation cemented. You must now WHY you have to lose weight! Otherwise you will not be able to continue when the going gets tough, and you will slip right back to your old patterns. Maybe that’s why you failed the last time you tried to lose weight, you didn’t really know why you had to lose weight, you just saw that you had become fat and was shocked by the truth. The foundation of all success is to have a written goal and a powerful why.This is where the most people fail.

Right now you may be tired, totally lacking in energy, disappointed with your self, all puffed-up and you are feeling unattractive. That is means a lot of pain to you.

Everything we humans do is either to gain pleasure or avoid pain. The way you are today, the amount of weight you have gained and the physical and mental condition you are in right now, is caused by the things you have done either to avoid pain or gain pleasure, either consciously or unconsciously. Contemplate this and you will find it very true.

Pleasure vs Pain – the reason weight loss is tough

You have felt the pleasure of eating chocolate, candy, cup cakes, fries, donuts, icecream or excess of burgers, pizzas or other  unhealthy food. Pleasure of relaxing in the sofa watching TV every night. Pleasure of eating the things you love whenever you want. Pleasure of indulging. Pleasure of taking the car instead of walking.

You have been experiencing a lot of pain when it comes to exercising, pain of eating (what you think is) distasteful food,  pain of having to deal with the giant pile of problems in your life (leading to depression making you grab for even more food and bad stuff to put in your mouth). Those things have you been avoiding to a large degree and that has made you neglect your health. Maybe you have used food to comfort yourself, to ease some kind of pain. Can you relate to this story?

Get out of your comfort zone

We people tend to take the easy path in life. When something feels scary, hard, way out of our comfort zone, we choose to go for what feels safe and have a short term winning for us, neglecting things that makes us winners in the long run. Again, this is done to avoid the pain.

Success in any field on the other hand is going for what has a long term winning. Success is stretching yourself. Success is growing, doing the things you find uncomfortable and overcoming fears! The hard fact is that if you truly want to lose body fat and keep being lean and fit you have to do things that may feel uncomfortable to you! If you have tried, but failed, you have probably failed because you have been trying to avoid the pain the weight loss endeavor caused you.

If you want to succeed you have to break the bad habits, and change what you link pleasure and pain to. If you find it painful to exercise, you have to change that in order to be more healthy. You will have to find a way to discover that exercising means empowerment, fun and pleasure for you. If you link lots of pleasure to eating snacks and sugar, you have to change that. Otherwise you won’t be able to make lasting changes! If you hate exercising, but do it anyway for some weeks, you will most likely stop doing it after a short period of time as exercise is something that you have linked negative emotions to. The same goes with foods. You may stop eating bad foods for some time, but you will go back to eating them as you feel that you refrain from all the good stuff and that you are making a sacrifice.

It’s important that you don’t feel that you’re making sacrifices. You must work with yourself to change how you feel about eating the food that made you fat. Your must make a life style change if you want to loose weight for life. If you see you weight loss effort as a limited time starve yourself experiment, hoping to lose all unwanted weight but after that period of time suddenly stops, you’ll start a career as a yo-yo dieter.