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Empty calories – eat less, lose more

Luckily loosing weight goes hand in hand with getting a healthy lifestyle. If you begin you journey towards a lighter body and smaller waistline, your health will improve at the same time. Good healthy food is like medicine for your body and the right food will make you lose weight quickly. If you wanna find a fast way to lose weight, it’s your diet you have to take a look at as weight loss is 75-80% diet. So what to eat to lose weight? Is there really diets to lose weight fast?

There are lots of talk about fat burning and weight loss plans, and tons of information which makes you kind of confused. The basic of losing weight (excess body fat) is getting less energy, calories that is, into your stomach than your body is burning during one day. However counting calories is quite boring and time consuming.

Let me give you another key here – you have to adopt ideas, routines and habits that you can stick to for a long time. If things get to complicated we tend to give up. Who has time counting the calories in everything we put in our mouth every day?

Avoid empty calories

It’s far more easy to start avoiding things that you know will give you lots and lots of energy that you’ll have hard time burning. Here is fat loss tip; you must avoid the pitfalls like foods that make you wanna have more of it, that doesn’t make you feel full, that just is “empty calories” and food that makes you addicted to it. Stop drinking drinks with calories as they contains lots of sugar (calories), have no nutritional value (most of them) and they are easy to consume in great amount without being full. You have to eat less and less of this food and more and more of real, nutritious, satiating and healthy food options. Small changes eventually leading to big results.

To get a picture of your situation, write down everything you eat during a regular working day in detail. Think for instance about yesterday. What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? Do your best to calculate the number of calories in this food with help of nutritional facts labels and calorie tables on the net. A great site for keeping track of your eating and exercising habits is www.myfitnesspal.com. They have an iPhone app as well. You shouldn’t hesitate to sign up for a free acccount and download the app. If you start keeping track of what you eat every day for a while it may be an eye opener for you. Maybe you don’t really know how much food, snacks and treats you actually eat every day. When you see it “black on white” it’s harder to ignore it and it will make you more aware of you current eating habits.

Woman should go for about 2000 calories per day and men ca 2500 calories (in general). If you go way above this you can be sure to store some of them (as fat) “for a rainy day”, and we don’t like rainy days. You should also count the calories for the weekend as well as it probably is a lot more, especially if you go out partying every weekend. Family dinners with big portions of starchy food and fun-sized, sugar-packed desserts are also a part of many peoples weekends, and the calories keeps getting stacked.