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Exercise motivation – don’t wait for it

Still waiting for motivation to come falling on you like a bomb from the sky? If you’re not motivated to exercise right now, you sure aren’t gonna be that just waiting for it.

“Do the thing and you will have the power”, Ralph Waldo Emerson said in the old days but it’s still valid today. What he meant is that you should get off you butt and take action – then things will happen for you. Then you will have momentum and then you will have what you want.

I say don’t sit around and wait for motivation to start exercising. Take action today to start a exercise habit. Once you start and stick to your exercise plan you will get more and more motivated to continue – once you get by the first “gruesome experiences”. If you start, one good thing will lead to another and sooner than you know you will be doing it all the time and really enjoying it.

A key is to start on a level that is suitable for you and then go upwards from there. Don’t overwork in the beginning as the risk is that you might associate a lot of pain to your previous workouts.

Instead you should try to associate a workout with something pleasurable and try to start with the “end in mind”. When I think of going to the gym I think about enjoying a super-nice steam sauna and a can of my favourite energy drink (healthy option!). This is what I do after every workout and the thought of that pleasurable experience is what gets me motivated to go to the gym.

Think of something that you can do or have after your workouts. And just after workouts. It should be something that you really enjoy to do or love to eat (not to unhealthy though :). This thing is only allowed after workouts. Maybe you decide that you can have a Latte only after you have been exercising, or you get to have a massage every friday you have been to the gym three times during the week.

When it comes to weightloss taking action is easier with exercise, it’s more concrete than anything else. Not eating isn’t really much of an action in my opinion. Exercising on the other hand is a good weight loss action that will spiral into other good habits and better life style.

So if you lack in motivation to workout, take some time to think of some kind of exercise that you like, and take action. Decide when to do it and how often, and stick to that plan. When you get momentum it’s going to be much easier. That requires that you are consistent.

Getting a car rolling by hand is quite tough and will take a lot of effort, but once you get the wheels rolling you can push the car quite easily. Don’t let it stop though, it will take lots of effort once more to get it rolling again.

In the same way exercise gets easier and more funny if you do it on a consistent basis. If you do it for some time and stop doing it for a couple of weeks, you will have a hard time getting back to where you were.

And as usual, the more action you take, the bigger the results. So take action by doing some exercise and you will get motivation to stay focused on your weight goal. You will feel good about yourself, that it’s easier to stay away from the unhealthy foods and snacks, and get inspired when you see the results of the exercise – a better posture, more defined muscles or better fitness!

Exercise – the key to well being

So we are finally here. The thing you fear the most. You get exhausted just by looking at people exercising. You think it’s hard, boring, and a waste of time. The times you have exercised didn’t give you any noticeable results.

When losing weight exercise is said to be around 20-25%. I think that is just pure theoretical. In a perfect world, eating a good and balanced diet and exercising on a daily basis surely would make everybody healthy and fit, but we people are very complex. In order to lose weight and maintain our goal weight we have to be motivated. Make ourselves motivated. For me, developing my weight loss mindset, exercising has been a major part. Way more than 20-25%.

Stop making excuses not to exercise

Getting started is the hard part. If you never have been exercising I’m sure you have lots of excuses not to start. It’s too boring, it costs to much to buy a gym membership, you don’t have time, you have a sore this or sore that that, you are stuck with the kids and so on. You must first find something that you like to do otherwise it will be difficult to make exercising a habit. The best exercise is the one you do! Try to make a schedule how often and when to do it, and try not to deviate from that schedule.

The thought of running miles and miles on a treadmill maybe isn’t that appealing. Get outside instead and start walking. It could be a great habit for you to walk for 15-20 minutes every morning before going to work. This summer during my vacation I forced myself up from bed as good as every single day to walk for about 50 minutes. That included quite a lot of negotiation with my bad self in the beginning. To stay in bed seemed so much better, but I whipped my sorry ass out of the bed and into to running shoes. Getting outside in the sun, putting on some good music or a good audio book, suddenly felt way much better than being a lazy lie-abed. I got into a routine and I felt good about myself doing it. I could get home after that and with a clean conscious eat a tasty breakfast.

I started to walk longer and longer and I kept doing it for the whole summer. I often got out with my friends or my wife. If you want to be social and meet friends, you don’t have to sit in a cafe or at home. Why don’t take a long brisk walk together instead? Who can you call today to ask if they want to join you tomorrow morning for a brisk walk before work?

The winnings of exercise are many

  • Gives you energy and makes you more alert
  • Makes you fresh, lively and healthy
  • Gives you a feeling of elation
  • Makes you relaxed
  • Dampens depression and prevents it
  • Suppresses cravings like sugar craving
  • Makes you proud of yourself
  • Cleans your lymph system due to increased deep breathing
  • Sweating increases the lymphatic flow which cleans out more toxins
  • Improves you immune system
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer drastically
  • Lowers blood pressure and blood fats
  • Increases you metabolism
  • Releases dopamine in the brains “reward center” which makes you feel energized, and gets you addicted to it :)

Do you need more reasons to start exercising? I’m sure there are more, but this should be enough.

Challenge yourself and raise the bar

Just find something that you like to do. Be consistent with it. Make a plan and stick with it. Develop the necessary routines. Get up, get out, get moving. No excuses. Take it easy in the beginning and make a plan that you know that you will be able to follow. If you make a too demanding exercise plan, you probably will find lots of reasons to cheat one, two, three times and suddenly you skipped it all in favor for the latest TV-series. You have to find a good balance – not to easy (you have to challenge yourself a little) but not to demanding. Raise the bar little by little. When you start to feel comfortable with for instance running one mile, extend your route to a two mile track and stick with that for some weeks. Keep pushing and challenge yourself.

The more you do the easier it will get and you will feel better and better about yourself. Push yourself to do more and more. Get a journal and keep track of your trainings and your progresses.

As I said I think exercise is much more than 20-25% of your weight loss when it comes to the mental aspects, your mindset. Get out running, being in the gym doing TRX training, interval training or something else, pushing yourself knowing it’s gonna render progress, is a great feeling and when you see the results you freak out!

Ready for some serious fat-burning exercises?

You are looking for the fastest way to lose weight while exercising, right? What is the best fat burning exercise? Walking in all the glory, it’s a good start when you haven’t been exercising for a long time and haven’t built up the strength in knees and back. Walking is very refreshing for your body and mind, but it’s not the best workout to lose weight.

Forget about spot-burning belly or thighs. There is no such thing, even if TV-shop does a jolly good job trying to convince us that. If you are looking to lose fat fast you should do high intense interval training (HIIT) that involves large muscle groups. High intense aerobic training will increase the calorie expenditure and boost your metabolism. One sweet thing about this type of exercise is that the burning of calories stays on a high level for hours and hours after that you have stopped exercising.

The key is to get the heart rate up

Interval training is when you work very hard for a period of time (the longer the better), rests for 50-100% of that time and then start over again. This makes the exercise more effective and you don’t have to do it for a very long time. The high intense part should be to the point of fatigue, and as for as long time as possible. Sounds great fun, doesn’t it? ;-) I recently put up a punching bag in the garage. Beating that up for 30 seconds makes your heart bounce. Rest for 15-20 seconds and repeat this procedure 7-9 times. You don’t have to go many rounds with the sandbag before you feel pretty exhausted. Put a picture of your dictator-like boss or your nagging husband above it and it gets self-motivating ;-)

Building up your muscles with strength training have many benefits. It increases the metabolism as the bigger muscles needs more energy and will burn calories even when resting, the bone health is improved, it gives you strength and better balance, coordination and posture. When your looking to lose as much body fat as possible you should try activate large muscle groups, not isolated muscles. The more muscle fibers you utilize, the more lean muscle tissue you’ll develop, which will really boost your metabolism.

I promise you that if you start to exercise, you’ll be wanting more and more of it, and it will give you motivation as you will see results after a while. It’s quite hard to get a car rolling by hand, but once you’ll get it rolling it’s quite easy to keep it moving. You just have to get momentum in your exercise and it will be easy for you. Just make a plan and follow it. You can find a good made-for-you exercise program online or ask someone at the gym for tips. There are lots of people there who are eager to help you find the right kind of strength training exercises. They will probably be flattered that you ask them for advice, as they think they must have done one or two things right as you ask them.

Exercise does a good job suppressing cravings, and another aspect is that if you have been out walking, running or been to the gym it’s easier to say no to unhealthy food. You don’t wanna “undo” the exercise you just did, do you?

How to really lose weight?

How can I manage to lose weight? The answer is actually to burn more calories than your take in on a daily basis. But that answer is way to simple. That’s just a scientists answer and there is more to that. How do I really do it? you ask yourself. How can I get started when I feel such resistance? How can I manage to be persistent enough?

In order to reach your goal you must be able to see yourself succeed. You must believe that you can do it! Your belief in yourself is what’s gonna trigger good feelings, that in turn will change your behaviours, leading to a changed attitude which will get you into action. Without action, there are no results.There are lots of limiting beliefs telling you can’t do this or that and those beliefs are affecting you in a bad way. It’s the voice inside of you, saying “you will never make it”, that you “don’t have what it takes”, that you “might as well give it up right now”, that your goals “never gonna be anything more than wishful thinking”. Lots of those limiting beliefs have been built up from since you were a little snotty kid. Our environment is not always as supportive, constructive and positive as it should be.

Ask the right questions

You must start asking yourself the right questions. Asking “can I really do this?” creates a feeling of doubt that is going to keep you in a state where you aren’t going to get the most out of yourself. If you instead ask yourself “How can I make this happen right now and have fun doing it?” it will kick start your brain to find an answer to that question.

By starting to take small steps towards your goal, and accomplish those things, you will feel better about yourself and suppress that inner voice. Your main goal to lose a certain amount of pounds or inches around the waist may feel distant. If you make sub goals, “mile stones” if you wish, it will be easier. Maybe you decide that by a certain date (one month into the future) you have cut sugar completely from you diet, or you are by that date taking a x mile walk 4 days a week. That would be good mile stones on your way to your goal! You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and give it all up because it feels too uncomfortable. Take a step to adopt a new good habit, and get rid of a bad habit. When you feel okay, you make another change. Just stick to your plan.

You have to stay committed to your goal even if choosing the healthy (tough) option instead of the tasty (easy) isn’t gonna be a dance on roses.

“Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.” -Darren Hardy

This is why new years resolutions tend to drop through. You are in a fantastic mood that night and you make promises to yourself and others. But when the mood has left you, and the everyday life is getting you in it’s grip it takes a lot of effort to still have commitment.

The right attitude

Having the right attitude is crucial. The attitude that you are a winner and that loosing weight is something easy and enjoyable. You should live each day like you already accomplished your goal and that you are now enjoying the benefits it brings. If you just focus on how things are right now, nothing is going to be better for you. Probably just worse. Even if it feels really bad right now, and you feel down on your luck, there is sure things that you can appreciate and be thankful for.

I have found that being grateful is a powerful way to make yourself feel good. Being grateful is one of the characteristics of the really successful people. There is always someone else that is in a worse situation than you. Maybe you should get some perspective by reading about people that have had really big challenges but succeeded big times due to a positive attitude. There are lots of stories like that. Did you hear about the man who was really unhappy that he had no shoes, until that day he met a man with no feet?

You have lots to be thankful for

There is always things to be happy for and those things will help you to get into a state of feeling good about yourself. That’s the state you want to get into, and stay in as much as possible. Even if you feel unhappy with your weight, I’m sure you have lots to be thankful about – a loving partner, wonderful kids, a good job, a thriving business, financial wealth, freedom, to be able to eat every day, two arms and two legs! Start thinking about, and be happy for these things instead of dwelling on destructive  thoughts and  negative things.

Setting your GOAL for a lighter you

Finding the inner power – the reason why

Have you decided to really do it this time? Now you are wondering how you will be able to pull it off?

There are lots of challenges when it comes to losing weight, and it may feel very tough in the beginning. You may feel overwhelmed, and you don’t really know where to start. Whatever you are thinking, you should know that the technical things about weight loss is actually the easy part. What you have to work hardest with is the fundamentals – knowing your why, goal setting, focus and planning. On top of that you have to develop a good character and a strong belief in yourself!

For some people the reason may be that they have to lose weight and become healthy in order not to suffer severe consequences like dangerously high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. Your reason may not be that alarming, but very important for you.

Your personal reason

The reason why you have to lose weight must be clear. Something you have to focus your thinking on. The “power of why” is what drives us to accomplish extraordinary things. You have to find your personal reason and let that be the driving force. Maybe you are feeling unhappy because people are making fun of you, or you hate what you see when you look in the mirror (one of my reasons why), or you don’t feel attractive enough when it comes to relationships with men/women, or you are tired of always being the “fat one” in the friendship group, or to stop having knee/back pain caused by your heavy load.

In either case you must think about what will ultimately happen if you don’t follow through. Even if it is tough to do the things necessary to lose weight, you will probably suffer even more if you don’t do anything about it now. To find your strong “why” you have to think about what is really hurting you the most being this overweight, or what is the most important thing you will gain by succeeding losing weight. You must find something powerful that motivates you enough.

Burning desire inside

Imagine you are getting home from work to discover that your house is on fire. Flames and smoke is coming from the window and the fire is becoming ravenous.
You start thinking about all the stuff, the photo albums with memories that will be lost forever. You are shocked, but you couldn’t risk your life for that.
Now you see your own child in the window on the first floor. The flames are almost licking the kids back. All of a sudden you feel an urge to run into the burning house.

Why do you suddenly want to get in there, when you seconds ago didn’t even considered that option? What happened was that you suddenly got a tremendous amount of motivation, you suddenly had a strong reason why you should run into the burning inferno.

Do you have a fire inside of you, strong enough to get the motivation you need to do the things necessary to lose weight?

The key here is that you got to have leverage. You have to find motivation, and your personal reason why is what’s gonna keep you motivated. Your motivation has to come from inside of you. You have to dig deep to find a really strong and appealing why. You first think you’re goal is to lose x pounds. Why do you want to lose x pounds? Because you want to fit into your clothes. Why do you wanna do that, really? Because you want the opposite sex to notice you. Why do you want that? Because you want to feel attractive, sexy and inviting.

Feeling is powerful

Take time to visualize these things. Put yourself in a state where you can really feel why you must do the change. Feeling is way more powerful than just thinking about it, or reading it. I’m sure you have a strong reason why inside of you, and that you will be able to focus on that from now on. Identifying your why will give you power. When your why is strong enough, the how gets easy. Can I ask you something? Does your why make you cry? Then you have a strong enough why to accomplish your goal! It also works well if it makes you sad, angry, pissed off or frustrated. As I said, feeling something is the most powerful thing.