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Setting your GOAL for a lighter you

Finding the inner power – the reason why

Have you decided to really do it this time? Now you are wondering how you will be able to pull it off?

There are lots of challenges when it comes to losing weight, and it may feel very tough in the beginning. You may feel overwhelmed, and you don’t really know where to start. Whatever you are thinking, you should know that the technical things about weight loss is actually the easy part. What you have to work hardest with is the fundamentals – knowing your why, goal setting, focus and planning. On top of that you have to develop a good character and a strong belief in yourself!

For some people the reason may be that they have to lose weight and become healthy in order not to suffer severe consequences like dangerously high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. Your reason may not be that alarming, but very important for you.

Your personal reason

The reason why you have to lose weight must be clear. Something you have to focus your thinking on. The “power of why” is what drives us to accomplish extraordinary things. You have to find your personal reason and let that be the driving force. Maybe you are feeling unhappy because people are making fun of you, or you hate what you see when you look in the mirror (one of my reasons why), or you don’t feel attractive enough when it comes to relationships with men/women, or you are tired of always being the “fat one” in the friendship group, or to stop having knee/back pain caused by your heavy load.

In either case you must think about what will ultimately happen if you don’t follow through. Even if it is tough to do the things necessary to lose weight, you will probably suffer even more if you don’t do anything about it now. To find your strong “why” you have to think about what is really hurting you the most being this overweight, or what is the most important thing you will gain by succeeding losing weight. You must find something powerful that motivates you enough.

Burning desire inside

Imagine you are getting home from work to discover that your house is on fire. Flames and smoke is coming from the window and the fire is becoming ravenous.
You start thinking about all the stuff, the photo albums with memories that will be lost forever. You are shocked, but you couldn’t risk your life for that.
Now you see your own child in the window on the first floor. The flames are almost licking the kids back. All of a sudden you feel an urge to run into the burning house.

Why do you suddenly want to get in there, when you seconds ago didn’t even considered that option? What happened was that you suddenly got a tremendous amount of motivation, you suddenly had a strong reason why you should run into the burning inferno.

Do you have a fire inside of you, strong enough to get the motivation you need to do the things necessary to lose weight?

The key here is that you got to have leverage. You have to find motivation, and your personal reason why is what’s gonna keep you motivated. Your motivation has to come from inside of you. You have to dig deep to find a really strong and appealing why. You first think you’re goal is to lose x pounds. Why do you want to lose x pounds? Because you want to fit into your clothes. Why do you wanna do that, really? Because you want the opposite sex to notice you. Why do you want that? Because you want to feel attractive, sexy and inviting.

Feeling is powerful

Take time to visualize these things. Put yourself in a state where you can really feel why you must do the change. Feeling is way more powerful than just thinking about it, or reading it. I’m sure you have a strong reason why inside of you, and that you will be able to focus on that from now on. Identifying your why will give you power. When your why is strong enough, the how gets easy. Can I ask you something? Does your why make you cry? Then you have a strong enough why to accomplish your goal! It also works well if it makes you sad, angry, pissed off or frustrated. As I said, feeling something is the most powerful thing.