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Daily motivation for weight loss

So you feel like crap today? Or anyways a little down. You will face a lot of challenges on your road to weight loss success. In order to overcome these challenges you have to get motivated and stay motivated, otherwise you will not have the power to follow through, and eventually meet your weight goal. It’s not only the diet that has to work. You have to work on the diet!

Ask yourself the right things

Start each day with a positive mental attitude. Try to get into that state of mind as soon as possible. Be thankful for a new day full of possibilities and that you are living in a free country, being able to accomplish whatever you want to do.

Suppress the negative thoughts and the negative questions that pops up the the head like “How come I’m not able to lose weight?” and replace them with questions like “How can I make myself feel better today and really enjoy the ride?”, “How can I plan my day best in order to work on my weight goals in the most effective way?”. You know those days that start off in a bad way and everything seems to go wrong. You oversleep, rush out of the bed and hurt your foot by accidently kicking a chair, your sock is missing and when you’re putting in your contacts you drop one down the drain. Your toast gets burned and you continue spilling coffee on your white shirt! As you started thinking negative thoughts, you attract more and more of the negative things.

Even when as bad thing happens, you should try to see the positive in the situation. By asking yourself “What’s good about this? What can I learn from this?”. Maybe you learned that drinking coffee in a white shirt isn’t that smart and you should do it in your housecoat before you get dressed for work instead :) The day your car doesn’t start may be the day you meet your future wife on the subway.

Feed your mind with positive stuff

As much as you have to feed your body with quality food and nutrients, you have to feed your mind with good stuff! Everyday we get bombarded with news about war, crises, global warming, conflicts, world starvation – lots and lots of negative stuff, not to forget all your negative and critical self-talk. You have to “flush the glass” with positive, constructive and empowering things  as a counterweight. Your glass of water gets dirty and cloudy with all that the breaking news and tabloids feed you with. This is a constant process in the same way as doing exercise or eating the right things. You have to listen to educational, self-developing things as often as possible. Audio books are a fabulous invention that you can use whenever you have minutes to spare. You carry them around all day in your (smart)phone and is perfect when you are commuting, working in the garden, cleaning, exercising or whenever! A good start would be to listen to some of the masters of personal development and inspiration – Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Jack Canfield, Jeff Olsen just to mention some of my favourites. All of these guys have “been there, and done that” and are tremendously inspiring to listen to.

Team up with other winners

Do you find it hard to lace the sneakers and go out walking/running or to get your rear down to the local gym? How about finding someone that shares your goals and visions about weight loss to team up with? This can be a perfect way to get up from the coach and into the track suit. You will be able to motivate and inspire each other. You will have someone to be accountable to, and it will be harder to get away with excuses. Decide that you are to meet up at the gym at a certain time, certain days of the week. You simple have to be there. You don’t want to let your friend down, do you?

Walking and running as well as exercising in the gym is made much more enjoyable when you have something inspiring to listen to. Don’t just listen to music, even if good music of course can get you in a great mood for pushing yourself while exercising. Try listening to motivational audio every day and read 15 minutes of a good book before you go to sleep as well.

Find a good “made for you” plan

Are you confused about what to eat and when to do it? Are you like a headless chicken, running and back and forth in the gym trying a little of this and a little of that, wasting your time trying to figure out how to exercise properly? Following a plan is the solution. There are tons of good “made for you”-plans out there, both for choosing the diet and for right kind of exercise. Myself I got started on my weight loss journey with a great weight loss, health and weight management program that I strongly recommend. It includes top of the line products that supports cleansing, weight loss and well being. On top on that a guide what to eat, and when to do it as well as video coaching in the iPhone every day by the one of the gurus in the field of weight loss. Sweet!

Reward yourself

Get yourself some carrots to get some motivation. Make a sub goal that is due in a week or two, and if give yourself something for accomplishing that small goal, something that you enjoy doing and don’t do very often. It shouldn’t be something eatable, unless you wanna spoil yourself with a whole plate of raw carrots :) Think of what you enjoy doing or buying, and reward yourself with that when you meet your goal. A week without white bread = a manicure, Walking 2 miles a day all weekdays = you get to buy the latest tech gadget. My reward for every workout is relaxing in the steam sauna and my daily healthy energy drink. This moment is all I think about going to the gym.

Have a positive visual of yourself

When you right now are looking in the mirror it’s maybe hard to picture yourself slim and fit? The thing with a goal is that you have to be able to visualize it as already achieved. You have to believe that you can become that slimmer, healthier version of you. Have you given a thought of how you want to look exactly? Why not trying to find a picture on the net or in a magazine of a person that you would like to look like and then replace that persons head with your own, either by modifying the picture in an image editing program like Photoshop or by just placing a cut out of you own head/face on that picture. Putting this picture up in some strategic place can be a good boost for you self image and a positive affirmation whenever you see it.