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Problems you encounter when trying to lose weight

The steps you have to take towards weight loss is actually easy to do. But they are also easy NOT to do. That’s the reason “successful people” are successful and the rest is not. They know that it takes hard work, persistence, passion, resolve and energy to take the necessary steps.

You may be super charged in the beginning and ready to take the world by storm, but it’s gonna come up things that will make it harder for you to succeed.

No support from people around you

People around you may not always be that supportive, especially if they see that you have a goal that you are working to achieve, and they don’t. Some people don’t want you to succeed as it makes them look bad. Maybe they are struggling with their weight themselves and if you start losing weight and they don’t, it’s hurtful for them as they feel like losers. Other people will make fun of you, or just being negative.

Gain respect

If your family still eats the same old junky food and never consider that you are having a hard time not to be defeated by the temptation, it’s gonna be hard for you. In the beginning it may not be so funny being the only one eating carrots when the others are feasting on chips and chocolate. Maybe they don’t mean any harm, but they don’t support you the way they should. You should tell them and show them that you are really serious about reaching your goal. This will hopefully make them show more respect and even be influenced by you in a good way.

Your friends thinks you’re boring and tries to talk you into another evening of watching TV, eating snacks and drinking beer. Maybe it’s time to team up with someone that think like you?

Hard to stay away from the goodies

Cravings is another thing that you will probably encounter as your new lifestyle will include abstaining things that you love to eat. It’s best to get rid of this stuff in order to minimize your exposure to it. Cravings can be really mean. For me it works quite well to think about and visualize how I will feel afterwards if I give in and eat for instance a big piece of cake. To go for a walk or exercise can really help to suppress cravings, as well as taking a really hot shower.

When it comes to these food and sweets cravings you should try to get out of the line of fire so to speak. Putting yourself in situations where you have to test your mental strength should be avoided. Go with friends or the kids to a fast food restaurant may result in you eating more than everybody else, even if you said yourself you were going to have just a salad. Having lots of sweets, soft drinks, ice cream, cakes and pastries at home will make it a hard time for you too so get rid of these products asap.

Cravings for sugar and wheat are common as these things are highly addictive. It’s almost like drugs. If you are used to get lots of sugar every day it may be hard to stop eating sweets, but cutting the sugar out of your diet is something you should try to do. Same goes with wheat that contains an appetite stimulating protein that makes you wanna have more of it. Nasty.

Even if it can be very hard to stop eating sugary things, you will find that your cravings decreases more and more the longer you refrain from them. The best way is to go cold turkey but that will take a lot of will power. When the craving for something sweet gets to intense, try to satisfy your sweet tooth with just a little bit of a “good quality sugar source” like a piece of 70% (or more) dark chocolate, and eat it slowly, enjoying every single bit of it. A sweet fruit may work as well. If you have a habit of eating something sweet after the dinner, maybe you should try to adapt the new habit of taking a 10-15 minute walk instead. Mint is known to decrease your cravings. Chewing on a chewing gum, fresh mint leaves or brushing your teeth might work for you.

Cravings for something sweet can be a sign of hunger, so maybe you should grab something to eat. Real food that is. Never go around hungry.