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How to really lose weight?

How can I manage to lose weight? The answer is actually to burn more calories than your take in on a daily basis. But that answer is way to simple. That’s just a scientists answer and there is more to that. How do I really do it? you ask yourself. How can I get started when I feel such resistance? How can I manage to be persistent enough?

In order to reach your goal you must be able to see yourself succeed. You must believe that you can do it! Your belief in yourself is what’s gonna trigger good feelings, that in turn will change your behaviours, leading to a changed attitude which will get you into action. Without action, there are no results.There are lots of limiting beliefs telling you can’t do this or that and those beliefs are affecting you in a bad way. It’s the voice inside of you, saying “you will never make it”, that you “don’t have what it takes”, that you “might as well give it up right now”, that your goals “never gonna be anything more than wishful thinking”. Lots of those limiting beliefs have been built up from since you were a little snotty kid. Our environment is not always as supportive, constructive and positive as it should be.

Ask the right questions

You must start asking yourself the right questions. Asking “can I really do this?” creates a feeling of doubt that is going to keep you in a state where you aren’t going to get the most out of yourself. If you instead ask yourself “How can I make this happen right now and have fun doing it?” it will kick start your brain to find an answer to that question.

By starting to take small steps towards your goal, and accomplish those things, you will feel better about yourself and suppress that inner voice. Your main goal to lose a certain amount of pounds or inches around the waist may feel distant. If you make sub goals, “mile stones” if you wish, it will be easier. Maybe you decide that by a certain date (one month into the future) you have cut sugar completely from you diet, or you are by that date taking a x mile walk 4 days a week. That would be good mile stones on your way to your goal! You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and give it all up because it feels too uncomfortable. Take a step to adopt a new good habit, and get rid of a bad habit. When you feel okay, you make another change. Just stick to your plan.

You have to stay committed to your goal even if choosing the healthy (tough) option instead of the tasty (easy) isn’t gonna be a dance on roses.

“Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.” -Darren Hardy

This is why new years resolutions tend to drop through. You are in a fantastic mood that night and you make promises to yourself and others. But when the mood has left you, and the everyday life is getting you in it’s grip it takes a lot of effort to still have commitment.

The right attitude

Having the right attitude is crucial. The attitude that you are a winner and that loosing weight is something easy and enjoyable. You should live each day like you already accomplished your goal and that you are now enjoying the benefits it brings. If you just focus on how things are right now, nothing is going to be better for you. Probably just worse. Even if it feels really bad right now, and you feel down on your luck, there is sure things that you can appreciate and be thankful for.

I have found that being grateful is a powerful way to make yourself feel good. Being grateful is one of the characteristics of the really successful people. There is always someone else that is in a worse situation than you. Maybe you should get some perspective by reading about people that have had really big challenges but succeeded big times due to a positive attitude. There are lots of stories like that. Did you hear about the man who was really unhappy that he had no shoes, until that day he met a man with no feet?

You have lots to be thankful for

There is always things to be happy for and those things will help you to get into a state of feeling good about yourself. That’s the state you want to get into, and stay in as much as possible. Even if you feel unhappy with your weight, I’m sure you have lots to be thankful about – a loving partner, wonderful kids, a good job, a thriving business, financial wealth, freedom, to be able to eat every day, two arms and two legs! Start thinking about, and be happy for these things instead of dwelling on destructive  thoughts and  negative things.